Nebraska Association of Property and Evidence

Mission Statement

The Nebraska Association of Property and Evidence, working within the Law Enforcement agencies in the State of Nebraska, is committed to improve the integrity of the Evidence function of each department, to be prepared to support the work of Law Enforcement and the judicial system by raising the standards of technical expertise.


The primary goal of the Nebraska Association of Property and Evidence is to Promote the professionalism of property evidence processing with the State through coordination of information and networking of law enforcement agencies.


  1. To provide for the educational exchange of operational and technical information of potential benefit to the membership.
  2. To educate the membership of current or pending legislation that may impact the property and evidence function.
  3. To provide for the research, collection, exchange and dissemination of all information relative to the property and evidence function.
  4. To promote the standardization of property and evidence management and control.
  5. To solicit legal opinions to clarify current laws or pending legislation.
  6. To achieve professionalism of property personnel and to support high standards of performance in the discharge of their tasks.
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